4years of experience in this field
10specialists working with projects
1000+ cups of coffee

Team collaboration

We trust each other and put teamwork above everything. We are prepared to tackle any challenge and complete all required tasks for a project to be successful. Our team members are digital marketing experts and are brave, dynamic, and adaptable. We are prepared to put our knowledge to work for your successful and lucrative advertising campaigns. Advertising experts, graphic designers, and copywriters are all up for the task!

Perpetual learning

Every challenge is met by our team’s quick response and use of best practices. We’re continuously testing and improving campaigns, generating and presenting ideas – to gain best possible results. Additionally, we regularly attend courses on the most recent social media trends.  All of this hard work pays off in successfully maintaining the client’s business image, increasing brand awareness and generating more sales.

Proactive quick learners

Behind every successful campaign there is more than just One Click - there is a lot of hard work as the marketing team puts in a lot of effort, and there is also trust, cooperation, and internal communication!

Sweet fruits -

of hard work

How do we achieve great results? Simply by putting all of our hearts and efforts into the projects! Even in impossible situations we manage to improve campaign results by reacting fast and adapting to a challenge.



We are always growing – not only in the scale of our team and clients, but as individual specialists as well. For this reason, our work is based on the latest tendencies of the marketing field.




Before we start to celebrate holidays, first we use all of our energy and creativity to make the best of our clients’ holiday marketing campaigns. After we have given out all of our uplifting holiday spirit to communication strategies and ads, we are ready to celebrate ourselves.



To maintain good relationships within the team it’s important to have fun activities. Our favorite activity is table tennis – we love to organize mini tournaments with various prizes. There are no losers, only winners!


the office

Team building helps us create a strong team bond, have fun and enjoy conversations in a non-formal environment. In summers, we usually spend our time in campsites and lake houses, and in winters we go to escape rooms.

We love

photo shoots

Dental care, delicious sweets or home cleaning products – we can represent any business in a creative and professional photo shoot. We take care of lightning and other photo shoot related equipment as well as photo editing and retouching.

Our Clients

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