Professional work, effort and creativity

I would like to sincerely recommend this team for their professional work, effort and creativity. When we asked about the layout of the booklet, we thought we had a well-thought-out vision, as four inexperienced minds sat for weeks at the time of text creation and visualization. One company tried to fulfill our vision, but it didn’t look good to us – the colors didn’t match, there was a lack of clarity. We started looking for someone with experience and a desire to fulfill our vision DIFFERENTLY. And we have received excellent recommendations. Thanks, Oneclick!

Vaida Matusevičiūtė Caritas

The result satisfies us very much

I appreciate the development of our website. The whole team tried to find out our needs in as much detail as possible and implement them. The comments were taken into account and done as we wanted. I think the work was smooth and the result satisfies us very much.

Alina JSC Taupalda

Very professional team

We have been working with Joana for a year and a half and we are very happy to work together. Thanks to her team we are always up to date with the latest changes in both the market and the ads we publish. Very professional team!


Greta Germanovičiūtė JSC Programavimo mokykla

I can strongly recommend this team

Joana is a professional in her field who works with top companies and executives. After recommending them, I can feel at ease that Joana will communicate with the client in a completely professional way.

Dovydas Degutis JSC Čekis

Sincerity, promptness, comments, advice

We met with Mantas and immediately understood that we want to work with the team. Sincerity, promptness, comments, tips, analysis – everything is great!!! Thanks to the whole team!

Vaida Aleksandravičienė JSC Gėlių sala

Extremely detailed accountability

Surprising efficiency and fast response to changing market behavior. Also extremely detailed reporting in various periods and 100% availability!

Andrius Montvilas JSC Emiva

We are satisfied with their approach to work, quality of work and results

We have been working with the team from the very beginning. We are satisfied with their approach to work, quality of work and results. We tried many agencies before, but only the team was able to meet our needs and exceed our expectations. We recommend them!

Aurimas Levickas JSC Mados Guru